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Term - E


Stands for Electronics Industry Association, an association that created the standard for B/W television in the USA, Canada and Japan.

ELC (Electronic Light Control)

Compensates for moderate light changes in indoor applications without the use of auto iris lenses. Select this mode when a fixed iris lens or manual iris lens is used.

Electronic Shutter

Compensates for moderate light changes in indoor applications without the use of auto iris lenses.


Electro-Magnetic Interference.


The most widely installed Local Area Network (LAN) technology. Specified in a standard IEEE802.3.10/100 BASE-T, the most commonly installed Ethernet system, provides transmission speed up to 100 megabits per second.


Enhanced Video Connector, one of digital video connectors.


A private network. It uses the Internet Protocol to securely share part of a business information with suppliers, vendors or others.


A device that encodes/decodes video from an analog/IP camera and transmits it to a NVR/DVR.

Electric Door Lock

A remotely operated electric locking device. See Electric Strike, Electromagnetic Lock.

Electric Strike

An electric door lock that requires power to be applied to unlock a door.


A general term referring to the electric and magnetic fields associated with the movement of electrons through conductors.

Electromagnetic Lock

An electric door lock that uses an electromagnet to hold a door closed. See Magnetic Lock.

Embossed Card

An access control card that uses a raised pattern as a means of encoding data.


See Electromagentic Interference.


The process of writing data to a card.

Entrance Delay

See Door Held Open Time.


An acronym for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.


An occurrence at a controller (such as unlocking a door, requesting to exit, forcing a door open) that generates a message stored by the controller.

Exit Alarm

A device that indicates (either audibly or silently) that a secure door has been forced opened.

Exit Lock

A push-bar door lock that spans the width of the door, used for emergency exit. An Exit Lock may be connected to an Exit Alarm.

Exit Reader

A reader used to control exiting from a secure area.

Exit Switch

A switch that is used to initiate a Request to Exit. See Request to Exit.

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