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Term - V


Video Electronics Standards Association. VESA has issued a number of standards, mostly relating to the function of video peripherals in PC computers.


Victor Home System; used by most VCRs as the recording medium.

Video Band :

The frequency band used to transmit a composite video signal.

Videocassette Recorder (VCR) :

A device that accepts signals from a video camera/microphone and records video/audio on magnetic tape in a cassette. The VCR can play back recorded video/audio on a television set or CCTV monitor.

Video Switcher :

Switcher or Sequential Switcher. A device that allows the video signals from multiple cameras to be displayed on a monitor, or recorded on a VCR one at a time in sequence.

Varifocal Lens :

A cctv camera lens whose focal length / viewing angle can be manually adjusted to suit the camera view required.Typical Vari Focal lens lengths are: 2.5mm-10mm, 3.5mm-8mm, 5mm-50mm

Video Splitter :

CCTV device that splits the video signal from a camera (or cameras) so it can be used more than once.

Vertical Interval Switching :

The seamless switch between two cameras, no time is elapsed.

Verification :

Identifying an individual based on some type of provided information. Verification may be done using by methods such as access cards, biometric information, PIN, etc.

Voice Recognition System :

An access control system that verifies a person's identity by comparing previously stored voice recordings key words or phrases with the same key words or phrases spoken at the time access is requested.

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